It’s a pretty simple concept, if you don’t want to be mistreated by cops then don’t do anything illegal. It’s really not that hard. Just follow the god damn law. And if you do find yourself in a situation where you are being stopped or detained by cops don’t fucking resist! You are only going to make things worse. And especially don’t do anything that could be seen as threatening, such as reaching for their gun or taser. Don’t make any sudden movements or reach in your pockets. That’s how you get fucking killed by cops, by being fucking stupid. Not by being black or being brown or green or purple or blue. 

On another note, why the hell is gay marriage still illegal? If you don’t agree with gay marriage then don’t be gay. It’s not hard. How does someone being gay affect you in any way? You are impeading on another person’s happiness. You are taking rights away from another person just because they are different than you. That’s just fucking stupid. I thought we were pasted that way of thinking as a society. 

Same goes for really any topic. 

Don’t like guns? Then don’t own one. 

Don’t like abortion? Don’t have one. 

Don’t like your rights taken away? Then don’t take rights away from someone else. 



Death has a funny way of coming around when we are least expecting it. It just shows up unannounced and snacks you in the face. 

It also has a funny way of resetting things. 

I recently had a uncle pass away and he was relatively young (under 50), and it was a big surprise to me. He was a young happy go-lucky guy. He was always smiling and I remember him always making me smile. 

I say that death has a funny way of resetting things because before I found out he had passed, I was worried about little, everyday tasks. Like getting my homework done, getting to class on time, making sure I had enough gas, just little stupid things that in the grand scheme of things don’t really matter. 

It makes you think about your life and makes you really think about what matters. It makes you want to put your loves ones first and spend more time with them. It makes you think that the stupid little things don’t matter. 

Remember not to take anything too seriously. Make sure to make time for your loved ones and tell them how much they mean to you. 

Spring Break

Sprink Break is here for a lot of college students and it is on the horizon for myself. One thing that I will not be doing is traveling for spring break. I will be staying home and relaxing. I’m not complaining though, I will be sleeping in and fishing.

One thing that I will never do is go someplace such as Panama City Beach (pcb). To me it just looks like an awful time. Standing on a beach, nuts to butts with a bunch of drunken frat boys who probably had their daddy pay for the trip? No thanks. 

If I were to go to a beach for spring break I would want to be able to enjoy myself and the beach. I don’t want to have to worry about crowds and drunken frat boys. I would want a few good friends and myself to have to beach mostly alone or with a small amount of people around. 

I just don’t think that the type of atmosphere looks fun. If that is your kind of thing, all the power to ya, just please do not involve me. 

Spring time

Any outdoorsman knows that springtime can be one I the busiest time of the year. With The combination of turkey season, the fish spawning, and mushroom sprouting, it can keep anyone busy especially a college student. 

As a college student who also plays baseball, I find it almost impossible to get out and enjoy my favorite time of year. With this being the first warm week of the year I’m starting to get that itch, and it seems like this year I won’t be able to scratch that itch. 

Between work, class and baseball practice I am almost worried that I won’t be able to ever get out and enjoy myself. It can be really frustrating when your best friend calls asking to go fishing and you have to turn him down, especially when later that night he sends you pictures of all the fish he caught. 

I know that this time of my life is only temporary but I just want to be able to do the things I want. No homework, no studying, no practice. When I get home I want to be able to do what I want. 

Local Activities

Like every other teenager / young adult, I used to think that there was nothing to do in my town. I used to think that nothing exciting ever happened. Over the last couple years I have learned that it is quite the opposite. Just from driving around and listening to the radio or watching the news more or reading the newspaper I have become more aware of some of the events that are happening around town. 

Just this last weekend I took my girlfriend to a local home show where contractors came to show off previous work and where companies came to show off their new products to improve your home. My girlfriend and I had fun just seeing what there is out there and excited to just start thinking about our dream house. 

There are a lot of other things that have come about lately. Like the rodeo came to town which was very exciting and I had a great time there. I’ve also recently been to newbo city market, a place for local food and craft vendors to come show people what they offer. I personally tried the Jamaican food which was excellent. 

Another thing that I’m sure a lot of towns and cities have is farmers markets. I enjoy going there and seeing all the crafts and foods that people bring there. 

I encourage people to see what is happening in their town. It’s not only a great time but you are also supporting local jobs and local families. 



So my girlfriend and her parents have two Boston Terriers. They are half sisters and only three days apart. Their names are Lily and Lulu. They chose Lily because she has traditional markings for a Boston. And they chose Lulu because they felt a strong bond with her.
Lulu was the runt of the litter and as a result her nose is what I would call scrunched or pushed in. As a result of her scrunched nose she is always snoring, it doesn’t matter if she is sleeping or not. She also has two different colored eyes, one is brown and one is blue thus giving her the nickname “blue eye”.
So as a fun thing I do with them is I will take snapchat pictures of them. It can be them looking goofy or doing something funny. I also draw on the picture using snapchat and have had some funny results.








My rant for the week

Alright when you were a kid where did your parents want you to stay out of? The street. Where did they tell you to ride your bike? On the sidewalk! When did this all of a sudden change? I understand that the law says you should ride your bike in the street but to me that is just silly. You have literally no protection from 3,000 pound car, beside maybe some foam and plastic on your head. I’m tired of having to avoid accidents with other vehicles for bicyclists. If you must ride your bike in the road then you must obey the traffic laws. The other day I saw a biker run a red light causing cars to stop to avoid them. How stupid can you be?
A time of year that bicyclists really bother me are the summer, obviously because that’s when most people are out riding. But I like to fish, go boating and go camping. So one of my favorite places to go is Sandy Beach at coralville lake. The way I take to get down to the lake I encounter a lot of bikers. Which really bothers me because literally a couple miles away is one of the many trails that are provided for them to use.
Another thing that really bothers me is when people walk or run in the street when there is a perfectly good(and probably expensive) sidewalk. I live in a community where there are sidewalks everywhere yet I still see people walking in the road. Like people, what do you think the sidewalks are for?!!! The other morning I was headed to practice at 6:30 am so obviously it was still dark out. I had to swerve to avoid a runner because they were running in the street. I cannot explain how frustrated I am with how stupid people can be.
In the end I know things are not going to change, but I just had to get my frustration out there.